FIG 7046FP 7046FP Clamp-T, Grooved Branch

Pi Gruv 7045


The Gruvlok 7046FP Clamp-T Grooved Branch provides a quick and easy outlet at any location along the pipe. A hole drilled or cut in the pipe to receive the locating collar of the Clamp-T is all that is required. The full, smooth outlet area provides for optimum flow characteristics.

The Clamp-T housing is specially engineered to conform to the pipe O.D. and the Clamp-T gasket providing a leak-tight reliable seal in both positive pressure and vacuum conditions. The maximum working pressure for all sizes is 500 PSI (34.5 bar) when assembled on standard wall steel pipe.

The Gruvlok Clamp-T provides for a branch or cross connection in light wall or standard wall steel pipe.

Clamp-T cross connections are available in most sizes allowing greater versatility in piping design.