Anvil and Smith-Cooper International - Building Connections

Unmatched pipe connection and support products for every industry

We provide expertise and product solutions for the mechanical, plumbing, industrial, oil & gas, alternative energy, and fire protection industries. All of our products are engineered and manufactured to meet and exceed industry standards and deliver flexibility, durability, and performance.

Our comprehensive line of products are customizable to your needs and include:

  • Grooved pipe couplings
  • Grooved, plain-end, and weld fittings
  • Press fittings and couplings
  • Pipe hangers and supports
  • Seismic bracing products
  • Engineered pipe supports
  • Valves

  • Cast and malleable iron fittings
  • Forged steel fittings
  • Steel pipe nipples and couplings
  • Channel and strut fittings
  • Oilfield fittings and products
  • Mining fittings, couplings, and valves
  • And much more

Anvil and Smith-Cooper merged in 2019, uniting in their shared vision of making strong, vibrant connections. We're always on the lookout for other quality piping products and piping companies to further expand our ability to meet all of our customers' pipe connection needs.

The Anvil and Smith-Cooper Difference

  • Unmatched quality - We pride ourselves on providing the finest-quality pipe products and services and are dedicated to delivering superior customer service.
  • Design services - As an additional benefit to our customers, we provide design services. Our experts meet with you on-site to analyze and determine the most effective and cost-efficient piping solutions for your pipe systems.
  • Superior customer support - We believe that responsive and accessible customer support is what makes the difference between simply delivering products — and delivering solutions.
  • Environmental commitment - We support initiatives that help conserve and replenish natural resources.
  • Incredible people - Our people make Anvil and Smith-Cooper International what it is. We have a winning team, who work to achieve business objectives with honesty and integrity.

At Anvil and Smith-Cooper, we build connections - pipe to pipe and people to people.