FIG 112 112 Brace Fitting - Complete

9551 112


Size Range: 1" and 1-1/4"

Material: Malleable iron bracket and pipe end; hex cap screw and nut.

Finish: Plain

Service: For bracing piping against sway and seismic movement.

Installation: Normally two fittings are used; a Fig. 112 complete attached to one end of an IPS nipple and a Fig. 113 pipe end only attached to the other end. The brace fitting completely connects to the building structure while the pipe end only connects to the pipe attachment. Use with Fig. 212 FP pipe clamp.


  • Two piece pivoted assembly accommodates any angle to structure.
  • Sight hole in pipe end provides easy means of verifying proper thread engagement.

Ordering: Specify size, figure number, name.