FIG GAV-30 GAV-30 Automatic Air Vent

9425 Gav 15 Or 30


The Air Vent (GAV) features a Stainless Steel spherical float design. Air in the piping system is vented through the discharge valve that is normally open. Rising water activates the float to close the valve. The valve outlet is tapped to take a safety drain line.

Simplicity of design in the GAV ensures long-lasting efficiency. The Stainless Steel float and valve mechanism involve no wearing parts, and no intricate function. The precision-formed cast iron body custom fits the float and valve, and protectively houses their operation under the most demanding conditions.


  • Two Sizes Equip All Riser Systems
  • Spherical Float for Strength
  • Stainless Steel Float and Trim
  • Special Design Eliminates Blow-by

Max. Working Pressure: 300 PSI

Test Pressure: 450 PSI