FIG AN7722-3A AN7722-3A Butterfly Valve


The Gruvlok® Figure AN7722-3A Grooved End Butterfly Valve is UL Listed and FM Approved as a system control valve. The valve is rated at 300 psi for steel pipe in the 2” to 10” sizes. The 2” through 10” sizes are agency rated for both indoor and outdoor service.

The valve is supplied with two internal switches. One is wired for supervisory service and the other is wired for use as an auxiliary switch. Both switches are rated for 11 amp at 125, 250 VAC and 0.5 amp at 125 VDC, 0.25 amp at 250 VDC. The switches and actuator internal spaces are protected from tampering.

The ductile iron valve body is encapsulated with a durable nylon coating to ensure long term service. The valve features double-seal disc design with resilient EPDM coating, and stems are 416 stainless steel. Detailed instructions for valve installation and switch wiring are included with each valve.