FIG AF-21-RFF AF-21-RFF Reducing Flex Connector

10145 Anvil Flex


AnvilFlex® Flexible connectors are used to prevent damage to pumps caused by piping stress. AnvilFlex connectors also absorb vibration and noise found in pump installations. AnvilFlex connectors are easily installed and reduce the possibility of pump failure.

They are designed to be pressure tested 1.5 times their maximum rated working pressure and manufactured with a 4:1 safety factor. Their compact design saves valuable space.

Working pressure of standard hose and braid up to 1,325 psi (91 bar) or full vacuum and operating temperatures of -400°F (-240° C) to +1,500°F (816° C).

AnvilFlex connectors are manufactured with 321 stainless steel annular corrugated close pitch metal flexible hose. Other stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloys are available. Contact your Anvil representative for additional information.