FIG 7402 7402 SlideLOK® Ready For Installation Coupling

10583 7402


The SlideLOK coupling is a ready for installation coupling designed to reduce installation time. The slide action allows for greater flexibility during installation. The patented gasket provides four separate sealing surfaces for added protection. The engineered metal-to-metal installation requirement is a quick and easy indication of proper assembly.

The SlideLOK is designed to be used with roll groove or cut groove steel pipe, as well as with grooved light wall pipe, Gruvlok® grooved-end fittings, and valves. The SlideLOK coupling produces a secure, rigid pipe joint connection.

The SlideLOK coupling allows for a maximum working pressure of 750 psi on roll or cut grooved standard wall pipe. Contact an Anvil representative for light wall pipe pressure ratings. The SlideLOK coupling maintains a rigid connection with support and hanging in conformance with applicable ANSI B31.1 Power Piping Code, ANSI B31.9 Building Service Pipe Code.

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