FIG 7100 7100 90° Elbow

9332 7100


The Gruvlok® Sock-It® Piping Method provides a quick, secure and reliable method of joining plain-end steel pipe. Several Sock-It configurations are available: tees with NPT outlets, reducing run tees with NPT outlets, straight couplings, 90 elbows, straight tees and reducing elbows. Pressure energized elastomeric gaskets provide the Sock-It with a leak tight seal. Specially designed lock bolts secure the pipe in the Sock-It Fitting, providing a fast, dependable way of joining small diameter plain-end pipe.

Working pressure ratings shown are for reference only and are based on schedule 40 pipe. For the latest UL/ULC Listed and FM approved pressure ratings versus pipe schedule see or contact your local Anvil Sales Representative.

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