FIG 3006 3006 Roll Groover

10275 3006


The Gruvlok Model 3006 roll groover features a low maintenance quick roll change out design with the capability to groove 2" - 12" steel pipe, as well as 2" - 6" stainless steel. This machine is also compatible with the CTS Copper System for accurate and repeatable grooving of tube as small as 2" in diameter. Standard with each machine is the patented Gruvlok hands free nipple guide system. This one of a kind nipple guide system allows for the shortest nipple grooving in the business and is hands free for increased operator safety. A special hydraulic pump with a reduced height handle and pivoting location allow each operator to customize the machine for maximum comfort while grooving. Low cost, lightweight, user friendly, and reliable, the Model 3006 Roll Groover follows the quality Gruvlok tradition started with 1007/3007 models and takes the future of roll grooving one step further.