FIG 2159 2159 Reducer Insert - Type 1

Pi Fs 2159


CLASS 3000

For use with Schedule 40 and 80 Pipe

Reducer inserts comply with MSS standard SP-79. They enable standard socket-weld fittings to be used for making any combination of pipe line reductions quickly and economically. Socket-weld reducer inserts serve the same purpose as threaded reducing bushings with threaded  fittings.

Anvil International produces high quality forged steel threaded fittings in Class 2,000, 3,000 and 6,000, as well as Socket Weld fittings in class 3,000 and 6,000.  Anvil offers high-pressure bushings, unions and Anvilets for your most demanding applications.

In addition, Anvil offers pumping tees that are 100% domestic and available in 11 different size configurations. Pumping tee threaded ends are clearly marked with the pipe size. Available in standard finish rust inhibiting paint, Scotchkote 134 and Corvel 1660 coatings.