FIG 188 188 CPVC Two Hole Standoff Strap

10518 188


Size Range: 3/4" through 2"

Finish: Zinc Plated Steel (Hot-Dip Galvanized optional)

Service: Hanger for CPVC pipe in the horizontal position on the bottom of structural wood beams and steel 20ga. min. It can also be used as a guide to limit movement for a pipe in the horizontal/vertical position on the side of structural wood beams, composite wood beams and steel 20ga. min.

Approvals: UL and ULC Listed.


  • Snap hanger over pipe.
  • Position hanger back around pipe but allow for pipe movement.
  • Secure hanger to mounting surface with screws provided. Recheck to insure that the pipe is allowed to move freely through hanger.
  • Steel applications require two (2) #14 x 1" hex washer head self-drilling TEK screws. Not Supplied. Part Number STD-0090.


  • Beveled edge design helps protect the CPVC pipe from any rough surface.
  • Easily attaches to wood structure with #10 x 1" hex washer head self threading screw supplied with product. No pre-drilling required.
  • Eliminates wooden spacer blocks.

Ordering: Specify CPVC pipe size, figure number and description.

Note: If UL listed restraint is required, use Anvil Fig. 188R (Formerly Afcon Fig. 514).

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