Distributors of wholesale products today face constant pressure to reduce costs and improve service in a hyper-competitive marketplace. To succeed in this environment, forward-thinking distributors are embracing new technologies and strategic partnerships to achieve a higher level of supply chain excellence.

AnviLink™ is a comprehensive e-services package developed by Anvil International. To learn more about AnviLink, please see our frequently asked questions.

Designed to meet the specific needs of distributors, AnviLink incorporates the latest in IT technology, including:

Through AnviLink, Anvil is able to help our wholesale partners become more efficient providers of goods and services. Distributors will realize immediate benefits by taking advantage of AnviLink.

Increase efficiency

  • Your orders are processed and shipped faster.
  • Problems are identified and solved before they impact your customers.
  • Duplicate processes between trading partners are eliminated.

Improve accuracy

  • Electronic transmission of orders eliminates entry errors, reducing incorrect shipments.
  • Barcoding and warehouse management systems ensure that correct product is picked and loaded into the truck.

Enhance profitability

  • Your employees spend less time on order entry and receiving orders and more time on core activities.
  • AnviLink shifts the burden of replenishment orders to Anvil, freeing your purchasing staff for other assignments.

If you want to get your business connected to a new level of service excellence, Anvil’s IT and sales departments are fully prepared to assist you in the implementation of AnviLink.

For more information on the AnviLink program, please contact our Technology Services department at 603-422-8064, or e-mail