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FIG 278X
278X Linked Eye Rods - Welded

Size Range: 3/8" through 2-1/2"

Service: The use of linked eye rods in a hanger assembly allows universal movement of the piping without bending and possible fracture of a straight rod.

Finish: Plain or Zinc Plated

Maximum Temperature: Fig. 248X: 650° F, Fig. 278X: 750° F

Ordering: Specify the size, length of each eye rod, figure number and finish.


7/8" Fig. 278X linked welded eye rod consisting of:

(L1) 7/8" Fig. 278 welded eye rod 1 ft. 2-1/2" in. long, center to end.

(L2) 7/8" Fig. 278 welded eye rod 1 ft. 2-1/2" in. long center to end.

Note: The acceptability of galvanized coatings at temperatures above 450°F is at the discretion of the end user. Larger eye nuts featuring smaller rod sizes are commonly available.

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