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FIG 292L
292L UFS Beam Clamp w/ Weldless Eye Nut, LH

Material: Forged steel

Finish: Plain or Zinc Plated

Service: For suspension of heavy loads from beams with flange widths to 15" and flange thickness to 1.031.

Approvals: Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 28 without links; Type 29 with links), WW-H-171-E (Type 28 without links; Type 29 with links), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 28 without links; Type 29 with links).

Installation: Fit jaws over edges of lower beam flange and tighten nuts on tie rod to lock clamp in place.


  • Weldless eye nut provides for horizontal pipe movement without binding.
  • Weldless eye nut is furnished tapped to any specified rod size up to the maximum rod size.
  • Tie rod assures a tight non-slip fit to the beam.
  • Self-locking nut with a nylon insert prevents the nut from working loose.

Ordering: Specify clamp size, figure number, name, rod size and finish.

Note: The application of a load to a structural beam by means of a beam clamp produces a transverse stress, perpendicular to the axis of the beam, in the flange to which the load is applied.

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