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FIG C302
C302 Sway Brace Assembly, Corrosion Resistant

The Fig. 297 and Fig. 302 consist of a structural attachment, two studs, the Sway Brace, extension piece up to 2' 0" in length as required, and a modified Fig. 295 pipe clamp.

The Fig. 298 and Fig. 303 consist of a structural 
attachment, two studs, the Sway Brace, adjustable extension piece 2' 1" in length or over as required, an adapter and a toleranced pipe clamp.

Note: In specifying Sway Brace assemblies where the “W” dimension exceeds 2' 0" in length, the Fig. 298 or Fig. 303 assembly is required. Verify that calculated “W” is within the min/max shown in table.

Ordering assemblies: Specify figure number, name, Sway Brace size, pipe size, “W” dimension. Available corrosion resistant as Fig. C-297, C-298, C-302 and C-303.

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