Finish: Painted (Fig. 211 & Fig. 640) or Galvanized (Fig. C-211 & C-640)

Service: Used to restrain movement of piping while allowing for movement in the other two directions.

How to size:

  1. Select size consistent with max. load to be restrained.
  2. C to C is obtained by subtracting E and A from the distance from structural steel to center of pipe. Verify that the calculated C to C is within the min/max limits.
  3. Determine W dimension by: W=(C to C)-2F.

Installation: Shipped assembled. Securely fasten bracket to structure, make necessary adjustment in overall length, and fasten clamp to pipe.


  • Effective under either tensile or compressive force.
  • Provides 3-1/2" (Fig. 211) or 2" (Fig. 640) of field adjustment in either direction.
  • Self-aligning bushings permits ±5° misalignment or angular motion. Bushings are coated with a dry lubricant.

Ordering: Specify figure number, assembly size, name, option number, normal pipe size or special O.D., and “W” dimension. Please specify temperature for pipe clamp. For restraint parallel to the pipe axis using two sway strut assemblies, a riser clamp is available. If a riser clamp is required, consult the nearest Anvil representative for information about this clamp.

Note: The rear bracket assembly can be ordered separately.

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