Size Range: 3/8" through 2-1/2"

Service: Used as a replacement to standard rear bracket load pin to facilitate easy removal at time of rebuild or testing. May be supplied with new orders, when specified.

How to size: Select size consistent with load pin diameter for Fig. 200/201 or Fig. 3306/3307.


  • Designed to sharply reduce the time necessary to remove a badly corroded conventional pin and may also eliminate damage to the bushing and bracket assembly, particularly if the pin and bracket are corroded.
  • Minimizes “free play” between pin to pin.

Ordering: Specify figure number, nominal pin size and name.

Installation: Shipped assembled. Remove nuts and washer. Loosen sleeve on pin and install sleeve/pin. Re-install washer and one nut. Tighten hex nut to snug. Install second nut.


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