Anvil SF-N

Dimenthyl Diphenyl Polysiloxane Snubber Fluid

Anvil EPS SF-N Snubber Fluid

When you need Dimethyl Diphenyl Polysiloxane hydraulic snubber fluid, you don’t have to say Dimethyl Diphenyl Polysiloxane anymore. Just say Anvil SF-N. When you ask for it by name you get Dimethyl Diphenyl Polysiloxane, the same fluid as SF1154®. Each batch of Anvil SF-N is independently tested and certified for viscosity stability at 40mRad (200mRad and other specialized requirements are available upon request). We wanted to make your life easier and we have. Only from Anvil, the world’s largest and most complete manufacturer of pipe hangers, supports and fittings — where we have built our reputation on 150 years of proven excellence. For the best in hydraulic snubber technology, hang with Anvil.

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