Anvil International Seismic Bracing Systems Earn OSHPD Preapproval

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (January 15, 2013) — Anvil International, one of the largest and most complete manufacturers of pipe fittings, pipe hangers and piping support systems in the world, has received preapproval from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for several of its fire sprinkler seismic bracing solutions. Anvil is only one of four manufacturers in the fire protection pipe support industry to have earned OSHPD preapproval.

When mounted in the prescribed configurations, OSHPD-preapproved products can be used in any California health care facility to ensure seismic safety, while reducing the lead time required for design approval. OSHPD standards have proven so reliable that some health care facilities in seismic zones outside of California have accepted OSHPD-preapproved products. As a result, engineers and contractors nationwide often specify and buy OSHPD-preapproved products in order to expedite design approval for new construction and renovation projects in the health care industry, as well as other types of occupancies.

OSHPD has preapproved the following Anvil products: Figure 770 Q Brace Clamp, Figure 771 Sway Brace Swivel Attachment, Figure 772 Adjustable Steel Beam Attachment, Figure 775 Lateral / Longitudinal Brace Clamp, Figure 776 Brace Clamp and Figure 778 Bar Joist Beam Attachment. These products hold the OSHPD preapproval of anchorage (OPA) certification OPA-2804-10.

“We’re extremely excited about the OPA certification because it saves time for our clients,” said Brandon Gunnell, director of marketing for Anvil. “It’s just our latest effort to improve our clients’ experience, which is key to our mission of building connections that last.”

Anvil submitted its OSHPD preapproval application in January 2012 and received official notice of preapproval on Dec. 6, 2012. All of Anvil’s OPA-certified products are also UL listed.

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About Anvil International
Anvil International is one of the largest and most complete manufacturers of pipe fittings, pipe hangers and piping supports systems in the world. For more than 150 years, Anvil has provided the highest–quality pipe products and services with integrity and dedication to superior customer service. The company offers expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from plumbing and mechanical, HVAC, industrial and fire protection, to mining and oil and gas. Anvil offers products and services worldwide. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Pennsylvania (ISO 9001:2008 certified), Tennessee (ISO 9001:2008 certified), Texas (ISO 9001:2008 certified) and Rhode Island (ISO 9001:2008 certified). Anvil is a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE:MWA). For more information, please contact Anvil’s corporate offices at 603–418–2800, 2 Holland Way, Exeter, NH 03038, or visit