Europe Region Product

Europe Region Product

Rick van Meesen
Director of Sales
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The Anvil® Gruvlok® product line has been in use for decades and is currently installed in numerous high profile projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. Gruvlok products are designed to withstand the most rugged applications while providing durable and easy installation, and ultimately, saving time and money on any project requiring grooved over weld.

The Merit® products, which include threaded and grooved tee-lets, outlets, drop nipples and flanges, are found in many Fire Protection installations throughout the continents.

Additionally, our Engineered Pipe Supports have evolved into the finest, most complete line the industry and include variable springs, constant supports, sway struts, hydraulic snubbers, rigid hangers or special fabricated steel shapes. Our designs offer the most accurate pipe load handling and travel conditions, with the simplest load adjustments of any manufacturer in the industry today.

Additionally, Anvil manufactures a wide range of corrosion resistant piping products for oil & gas production platforms. Anvil products have name brand recognition in the industry which include: J.B. Smith® swage nipples, and bull plugs; Catawissa® hammer unions; Anvil forged steel fittings and unions; Gruvlok couplings, fittings and valves; and malleable and cast iron threaded fittings and seamless pipe nipples.

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