Seis Brace™ Seismic Fire Protection Design Tool

seismic fire protection designAnvil is pleased to be the only company in the fire protection industry to offer a seismic calculator tool free of charge, as a service to our customers.

This valuable tool takes the guess work out of seismic brace calculations, allowing you to determine if a system design can support a seismic load based on pipe schedule, system length, supporting structure material, brace type and orientation. You can experiment with different configurations to identify exactly where you need to make adjustments.

You’ll see calculations for Short Period Spectral Acceleration (SDS), Zone of Influence, Seismic Design Force factor and total system weight.

The Seismic Fire Protection Design Tool allows you to:

  • Specify FM approval or UL listed components
  • Perform calculations through either the NFPA method (“Fpw”) or the IBC code method (“Fp”)
  • See a selection of product groupings that match your system design
  • Generate submittals with figure numbers from Anvil’s seismic bracing product line including images and specifications for each product

Learn more about Anvil’s seismic bracing products for the fire protection industry.

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