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Engineering Resources

piping design resources Anvil International provides an extensive collection of resources for engineers. From submittal tools to CAD drawings to custom design services and technical information, Anvil is committed to helping engineers design and deliver high-quality solutions.

Anvil’s Product Submittal System

Faster submittals. Our product submittal system allows system designers to easily create submittals containing Anvil figure numbers, images and specifications for any project.

Learn more about Anvil’s product submittal system.

Design Services

More efficient installation. Anvil’s Design Services saves you time and money on your mechanical room installation. Simply send your contract drawings and our expert team will provide a free design analysis and written description of potential savings. Our Design Services team helps you:

  • Reduce installation time
  • Improve workflow planning
  • Save money by reducing fitting counts
  • Save time without having to calculate pipe lengths
Learn more about Design Services for mechanical rooms.

BIM/CAD Drawings

Cost-effective planning. Anvil provides CAD drawings of its entire Gruvlok® and pipe hanger product lines for you to implement on your next project. The drawings are offered in more than 15 formats, including Pro/E, SolidWorks and AutoCad, so you can be sure you can get the exact file type you need to integrate into your next project.

Access Anvil’s BIM/CAD Drawings.

Seismic Fire Protection Design Tool

Guess-free seismic calculations. Anvil is the only company in the fire protection industry to offer a complete seismic calculator and design tool free of charge. This tool allows for guess-free seismic calculations and system load measurements based on variables such as pipe schedule, system length, brace type and orientation.

After you make your brace calculations, you can see exactly which product groupings will match your system design and generate a submittal sheet with figure numbers and product specifications.

Learn more about Anvil’s Seismic Fire Protection Design Tool.

Seismic Expansion Loop Software

Accessible solutions. This tool allows system designers to build seismic joints, calculate the forces to deflect the seismic expansion loop and create AutoCAD drawings for their solutions. Final projects and systems can be saved for future use and accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.

Learn more about Seismic Expansion Loop Software.

Pipe Hanger Assemblies

Full range of designs. Anvil offers both PDF and DWG files for constant, rigid and spring hanger assemblies.

Material Test Reports

Essential background information. Input the heat code information and utilize the Anvil materials and Test Report website to get the appropriate certificates.


Peace of mind. ISO and IAMPO compliance certifications are available for Anvil products.

Listings & Approvals

Quality assurance. Anvil offers links to state, federal and independent listings and approvals to reinforce their reputation as a manufacturer of quality products.