Anvil’s products are Natively Integrated in most BIM software packages. Please check with your supplier to see if your software includes Anvil’s products, or contact:

Anvil also offers other BIM and non-parametric content for Gruvlok and hanger products:

Revit Families
Hanger and Gruvlok

Anvil Hangers — Revit >
Gruvlok Families — Revit >
AutoCAD MEP – Copper Only
Under Development

Non-parametric Drawing

Anvil Hangers - Individual Non-parametric Drawings
(.dxf, .igs, .prt, .sldprt and .stp) >

Gruvlok - Individual Non-parametric Drawings
(.dxf, .igs, .prt, .sldprt and .stp) >

Bulk Non-parametric Drawings
(.dwg, .dxf and .sat)
Under Development

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