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Anvil Brands

Anvil International Logo

Anvil® product lines include malleable and cast iron fittings, unions and flanges; seamless steel pipe nipples; steel pipe couplings; universal anvilets; forged steel fittings and unions; pipe hangers and hardware; threaded rods and engineered hangers.
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Afcon Logo

AFCON , founded in 1952, manufactures patented pipe hangers for use with steel and CPVC piping systems. The extensive hanger line also includes seismic bracing products. Known as innovators in the hanger industry, Afcon developed the original listed sway brace.
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Gruvlok Logo

The Gruvlok® product line consists of couplings for grooved and plain-end fittings, butterfly valves and check valves; flanges; pump protection components; pipe grooving tools; as well as copper and stainless steel system components.
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SPF/Anvil International Logo

The SPF / Anvil™ product line includes a variety of internationally sourced products such as grooved couplings, fittings and flanges; cast iron, malleable iron and ductile iron threaded fittings; steel pipe nipples; and o'lets.
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Beck Steel Logo

Beck® steel pipe nipples and steel pipe couplings are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM A733 Standard Specification for welded and seamless carbon steel and stainless steel pipe nipples. Steel pipe couplings are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM A865 Standard Specification for threaded couplings, steel, black or zinc-coated (galvanized) welded or seamless, for use in steel pipe joints. Beck API couplings are manufactured in accordance with the API Specification for line pipe.
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Anvil-Strut Logo

Anvil-Strut™ products include a complete line of channel in stock lengths of 10 and 20 feet, with custom lengths available upon request. A variety of fittings and accessories are also offered. All products can be ordered in an assortment of finishes and material choices including SupR-Green™, Zinc Trivalent Chromium, pre-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, aluminum, plain and stainless steel.
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J.B. Smith Logo

J.B. Smith™ is the leading manufacturer of oil country tubular fittings, swages and bull plugs — all meeting API specifications. Offering tubing nipples, casing nipples as well as a full line of traditional line pipe and oil country threads in every schedule, J.B. Smith is the resource for all your oil field needs.
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Anvil Merit Logo

The Merit® product line includes a variety of tee-lets, drop nipples and steel welding flanges for fire protection applications. Most Merit products are UL / ULC-listed, FM-approved and rated from 175 to 300 psi.
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Anvil Catawissa Logo

Catawissa™ NACE- and API-approved wing unions for standard and sour gas service are offered in non-pressure seal ends as well as threaded and butt weld, and are interchangeable with most leading union manufacturers. Fully traceable and available with complete mill certifications, Catawissa’s oil field wing union product line includes the standard ball-and-cone design plus our unique Figure 300 Flat Face design, where space and pipe line separation are a consideration.
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Engineered Pipe Supports logo

Anvil EPS-Engineered Pipe Supports are products used to support piping systems under thermal, seismic, and other dynamic loading conditions. The product line encompasses variable spring hangers, constant supports, sway struts and snubbers as well as standard and special design clamps. Anvil EPS brings the highest quality products and innovative engineering solutions to common and uncommon piping system problems.
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mueller logo

Mueller® Valves

Mueller Valves are available in a variety of styles for fire protection applications including Non-Rising Stem and O.S.&Y. Rising Stem Resilient Wedge Gate Valves, and Swing-Type Check Valves.

Mueller Valves are ideal for system control valves, as well as flanged fire pump applications.

Mueller® Indicator Posts

Mueller offers both underground and wall Indicator Posts for easily identifying whether a valve is open or closed.

Mueller Indicator Posts are used in fire protection systems and perform several functions. The Indicator Post provides a means to operate a buried or otherwise inaccessible valve. Also, the Indicator Post readily and clearly indicates whether the valve is open or shut. All Mueller Indicator Posts are UL listed, ULC listed and FM approved.
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North Alabama Pipe logo

Founded in 1983, NAP is a manufacturer of fabrication equipment, including automatic welders, plasma cut-off equipment, hole cutting equipment, make-on machines and pipe threaders. NAP, innovators of pipe fabrication equipment.
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