U.S. Northern Customer Service and Distribution Center

anvil distribution center 7979 West 183rd Street
Unit D
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Phone: 800-301-2701
Fax: 708-534-1414

Sq. footage: 130,000

What’s unique: This new Tinley Park Regional Service Center consists of 130,000 sq. ft. of warehouse, operations, and sales space all under one roof. In addition, this location includes a 1,050 sq. ft. area dedicated to training and education. The distribution center features numerous receiving and shipping docks, including 3 docks with ramps to allow trucks to fully enter the facility, providing maximum shipping and receiving flexibility.

How it maintains stock / warehouse / shipping:

  • Stock is maintained in a vertical selective pallet racking system, accommodating 15,000 pallets, plus cantilever racking for the efficient storage of thread rod and strut products.
  • Material is Inventoried and warehoused via the use of a computerized warehouse management system, directly linked to the Anvil network and AS400 system.
  • Each SKU maintained at this facility in support of Anvil client demand requirements is warehoused in a primary/secondary manner to assist in insuring accurate inventory management capabilities.
  • All client orders received by our inside sales department are keyed, confirmed, and transferred to the WMS for order fulfillment scheduling. Orders are assigned to our warehouse picking/shipping staff in an expedient manner to maintain maximum shipping and receiving flexibility.
  • Anvil maintains contracts with a core fleet of carriers to provide efficiently consistent delivery services to our clients.