Dedication to Distributors

Building Partnerships with the Distributor Community

Anvil International is dedicated to the success of our distributors. Because Anvil carries a full line of piping solutions, you not only get the superior-quality products you deserve, but also a one-stop source to make ordering and shipping easier. Anvil has distribution centers located across the U.S, so you can fill any size order quickly and completely.

The AnviLink™ e-services package helps to reduce costs and improve service through the latest in comprehensive IT technology. This technology package harnesses the power of electronic data interchange (EDI), vendor managed inventory (VMI), electronic funds transfer (EFT), warehouse management systems (WMS) and traffic management systems (TMS). All of these systems work together to increase efficiency, improve accuracy and enhance profitability for your business.

Anvil also offers delivery services to make your business more efficient. With our "bag and tag" delivery, your customers' parts are sent right to your job site — already grouped together and ready for installation. This way, you can worry about completing the job at hand, not organizing your shipments.

Put the Strength of Anvil Behind You and Your Customer

We believe in building close partnerships with our distributors to help you build relationships with your customers. Our industry experts will help you provide your customers with the high-quality planning and project management services they need to ensure the delivery of successful projects. And unlike many other manufacturers, we won’t sell directly — our success is your success.

To put it simply, Anvil is Building Connections That Last with distributors. We want to ensure that you get the products you need and the services to make your business run more efficiently.