Anvil 260 (ISS) Insulation Saddle System

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The 260 (ISS) Insulation Saddle System insulates piping systems.

The Anvil 260 (ISS) Insulation Saddle System reduces your overall installation time and greatly simplifies the way you insulate your copper or steel pipe systems. The revolutionary design of the 260 (ISS) spreads the load evenly over the hanger’s wide base — eliminating the need for wood blocks, shields or costly hanger adjustments.

Anvil 260 (ISS) Insulation Saddle SystemFully tested and rated for a temperature range from 40°F to 200°F, the 260 (ISS) is ideal for use with both chilled and hot water systems. The 260 (ISS) comes pre-assembled and accommodates steel pipe sizes from ½"–12". Its innovative V-Block design cradles the pipe at the piping design elevation so that you don’t have to re-level each individual hanger. Typically, re-leveling each individual hanger is required with the wood block and shield or the calcium silicon insulation methods. Each V-Block size accommodates multiple pipe sizes, giving installers the flexibility to stock fewer hanger sizes on-site.

With the 260 (ISS), dropped wood blocks, point loading and all the other headaches of insulation become a thing of the past. In four simple steps, plumbing and mechanical contractors can insulate pipes with less hardware, less labor and less trouble.