Anvil® International Launches Cost-Saving, Single-Solution HVAC Hook-Up Kits

Streamlined, Labor-Saving HVAC Connection Solution for Contractors

PORTSMOUTH, NH, July 16, 2012 — Anvil® International, the most complete manufacturer of domestic and globally sourced products for piping systems, offers a new, innovative package system for HVAC hook-ups. Gruvlok® KNX series Hydronic Hook-Up Kits integrate the typical 54 components required to connect piping to hydronic heating or chiller system equipment into a pre-engineered, pre-assembled and pre-tested kit of only four components, saving up to 80% on labor compared to traditional connection methods.

“The Gruvlok® KNX series Hydronic Hook-Up Kit is a single source solution for more efficient, higher quality installations,” said Brandon Gunnell, Director of Marketing for Anvil® International. “We are committed to delivering meaningful cost savings for contractors and to helping our distributors offer comprehensive product solutions to their customers.”

Gruvlok® KNX series Hydronic Hook-Up Kits offer contractors the ability to use one job-specific kit instead of purchasing various parts from different suppliers, resulting in less labor and less risk of using the wrong product on the job. These kits ensure the correct components are installed at the correct location in the system. On average, each kit saves 3.5 hours of labor, which equates to approximately $200 in cost savings per kit. The kits provide contactors with better options for controlling the cost on the job and virtually eliminate engineering/compatibility verification effort and issues.

These kits are available in connection sizes from ½" to 2" and are configured to the system designer’s specifications, streamlining the ordering process for contractors. Each kit is tested, bagged, tagged, boxed and labeled at the Anvil® International facility prior to shipment. Anvil’s has been an industry leader in “bag and tag” delivery services which allow for better management of labor and equipment on job sites.

Gruvlok® KNX series Hydronic Hook-Up Kits can integrate into a wide variety of projects, including welded systems. These pre-engineered and packaged kits take the guesswork out of HVAC connection systems for contractors and offer speedy installation and superior project efficiency for faster project completion.

For more information about the Gruvlok® KNX series Hydronic Hook-Up Kits, please click here.

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